The climate change the planet is undergoing has become more and more evident. And it has become increasingly urgent the need to take concrete measures to respond to the challenges that we will face as a global community. Joint action is needed between all the players: institutions, organizations, companies, and people. Everyone can do their part.

The CN Logistics Limited group, particularly sensitive to these issues, has become the promoter of multiple activities related to the Circular Economy by designing green solutions for the services of our sector.

Also, in CN Italy, we are pursuing a sustainable development strategy.

One of the first initiatives was to reduce the use of plastic among employees by replacing plastic bottles and jugs with reusable thermos and purified water dispensers.

At the same time, we approached a paperless policy that we are pursuing with a considerable cut in the use of printed paper, focusing more and more on digitalization and optical archiving of documents. There is still a lot to do, and we are motivated to do so.

One of the ongoing projects concerns renewable energy. With a substantial investment, we foresee the construction of a photovoltaic system that will allow us to produce clean energy to support the consumption of our company.

Jointly, charging stations will be installed for the first electric vehicles.

We know that the actions taken are the first steps towards a common goal: a more sustainable future for all.

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