AEOFull Certified Agent

The AEO authorization is issued by the Customs Agency. It certifies the reliability of the economic operator who meets a series of requirements set out in the European Union Customs Code and its implementing provisions.
At the beginning of 2022, the AEO Security part was added to AEO Customs, in our possession since 2018, ensuring a series of customs simplifications and benefits in terms of security.


ENAC Regulated Agent

ENAC is the authority involved in technical regulation, certification, supervision, and control of the civil aviation sector in Italy, ensuring the safety of all operations related to air transport (passengers and goods).
As an ENAC regulated agent, we are certified to operate in direct contact with airport bodies or airlines by carrying out security checks on goods directly at our bonded warehouse.


IATA Regulated Agent

IATA is an international organization that regulates air transport by creating safety standards for transporting goods and people worldwide.
Being an IATA regulated agent allows us to have direct access to all airlines, reducing shipping management times regarding reservations, costs, and customs controls.


Qualified HACCP Operator

HACCP is a framework for ensuring that the end product food, ready for consumption, is safe to eat. It provides checks and standards that reduce risks as far as possible.
As an operator involved in transporting and storing food products, we are equipped with a HACCP self-control plan to ensure the hygienic conditions required to store and transport food.



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