Every great endeavor begins with a vision. In 2012, we crafted ours, embarking on a journey we believed to be significant. Significant because it was driven by core values like passion, enthusiasm, competence, determination, and loyalty which continue to be the lifeblood of everything we undertake.

A spirit of initiative, professionalism, and deep industry knowledge: this is how a team of six quickly outgrew our initially oversized warehouses and offices allowing us to achieve exponential growth in the range of services offered and workforce.

Our business is more than just organizing shipments. We provide solutions that seamlessly integrate with our customers’ structures and needs. This approach, facilitating the management of their goods in alignment with their timelines, is at the heart of our success. To achieve this, we constantly strive to transcend limitations, embrace every challenge, and explore all possibilities to deliver added value.

The inauguration of our new facility in Origgio in 2018 marked both a milestone and a launching pad for new opportunities and successes.

In 2020, after a significant and challenging effort, the CN Logistics Limited group celebrated a major milestone by going public on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. An event testament to our growing global presence and a significant recognition of our achievements.

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