CN Logistics S.R.L. is today one of the leading players in the international logistics and shipping services market.

A young and dynamic company, it aims to make customer service a unique experience, managing any need for international shipping, logistics and distribution, efficiently and quickly.

Our background

CN Logistics S.R.L. was born in 2012, a conjunction between the spirit of initiative of a Hong Kong entrepreneur and the professionalism and decades-long experience of two specialists of this industry.

At the base, an actively shared belief that in the industry, there was still need for a company made up of people with strong values ​​such as passion, enthusiasm, competence, determination and loyalty.

A testimony of how a team of six people, with highly oversized warehouses and offices, can achieve exponential growth in terms of services offered and personnel, in a short period. The inauguration of the new plant, held in November 2018, is the crowning and continuation of this legacy.